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Rack & Deck Ovens Balancing for Consistent Quality & High Yields


My rack oven(s) bakes product differently towards the bottom as compared to the upper racks

When I bake a full load the results differ from a smaller batch… How can I fix this so I’m not wasting time and money?

Are my oven controllers telling me accurate temperatures?

Could I realize improved yields and throughput while saving energy?


  1. Use a portable, battery-powered data recording device (M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler) that is capable of riding inside with the baked goods to measure temperatures at multiple locations.
    • This unit reports to software after the bake cycle, providing a time/temperature graph for comparative analysis.
  2. Connect the 7ft./1M reusable thermocouples (temperature sensors) that can reach the entire height (and depth) of your oven, with the profiler placed on a shelf or rack at a convenient arms height.
    • Make a product-level ambient profile test first; with one thermocouple (T/C) situated to monitor the top, middle and bottom racks oven air at pan or tray height.
      • This time/temperature profile provides the data to make oven adjustments to equalize oven air temperatures throughout the oven. This is called oven balancing.
    • Next, from your balanced oven, insert a thermocouple into the center of a dough piece (measure and bend the T/C and insert up to the bend, then pinch the dough around the Teflon-coated wire). Choose a pan from each of the same 3 racks as before. Results are most meaningful in a fully loaded oven.
      • The data from this profile run helps determine proper temperature settings and bake times per variety for quality, consistency, new variety and ingredient testing, and increased capacity and yields to enhance your bottom line profits.


  • Each of your varieties bake with consistent quality regardless of position in the oven
  • Yield and throughput capacity are enhanced
  • Desired product characteristics such as oven spring, crust color and fully developed structure are repeatably achieved


The portable, programmable Rack Ovens BakeWATCH® Kit offers an inside-the-oven method to measure, record and document both baked goods and oven temperature variations in your static and rotating rack and deck ovens without trailing long cables or wires.

Rack Ovens BakeWATCH® Profiling Kit Includes
  • V-M.O.L.E.® 3-Channel thermal profiler
  • BB-50 Thermal Barrier
  • 7-ft /2.1M 30 gage 10mil PFA insulated Thermocouples
  • M.O.L.E.® MAP Software

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