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“We ‘verify’ the proofer control settings with visual cues”

“Sometimes a lot of droplets are precipitating on the pans and shelves”

“What’s the best way to ensure consistent proofer operation at prescribed values?”

Did you know that for every degree difference from setpoint that bread exits the proofer, your oven has to make up 3 degrees for the usual bake?  Fermentation time differs for each variety mix as well, and desired oven spring in the bake cycle depends on it. Avoiding mold issues and stalls begins with your proofer, it cannot be taken for granted to realize high yields and consistent baked good quality.


Much like the situation in ovens, where zone setpoints do not necessarily correlate with the temperatures baked goods see, the chemical reaction of leavening requires proper humidity and temperature levels for fermentation to occur. High, nearly saturated relative humidity (80-85%) at an appropriate exit temperature (95 to 97F) for getting the bake cycle off to an optimum start are the key elements of measurement here. Check with your ingredients supplier for optimum values for your mix.

Whichever instrument you are using, allow 15 minutes for the logger to equalize to the warm moist atmosphere prior to collecting data.

VaporWATCH® converts a  M.O.L.E.® channel for measuring relative humidity along with 1 to 5 insertion and ambient temperature locations.

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MiniM.O.L.E.® rH is the stand-alone display and recording logger for proofers as well as mixing and dough room monitoring (2-channels; rH & Temperature). 

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  • Meet shelf life expectations without introducing molding potential
  • Understand control setpoints and actual machine performance offsets
  • Help deliver desired baked good attributes consistently
  • Optimize ingredients usage
  • Help get the bake cycle off to an optimum start with rH and heat appropriate for the dough mix


VaporWATCH® rH Sensor Kit

  • VaporWATCH® rH Sensor
  • M.O.L.E.® MAP Software
  • VaporWATCH® to SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold/2 Interface Cable
  • Power Charger

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MiniM.O.L.E.® rH Sensor Kit

  • MiniM.O.L.E.® rH Sensor
  • MiniM.O.L.E.® USB Dock Station
  • MiniM.O.L.E.® Start Magnet
  • M.O.L.E.® MAP Software

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