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Optimized Baked Goods


“We only measure the exit temperature of the dough as it comes out of the oven”

“Our dough profiles seem to be all over the place. How can we rely on the data?”

“Stopping the line is out of the question. Is it possible to profile without interrupting production?”

You needn’t settle for a measurement at a single point in time. The portable, programmable BakeWATCH® Profiling Kit provides a traveling method to measure, record, and document both baked goods and oven temperature variations in your conveyorized, rotating rack and deck ovens without trailing long cables or wires.


With oven balancing accomplished, the bake should be the same regardless of the location of the pan. Your next step is to optimize each variety’s profile from the baked goods’ perspective. The Breadometer® solves the problem of randomly placed thermocouples for baked goods thermal profiling with 1 air and 5 insertion thermocouples in a one-piece patented probe.


Breadometer provides more in-depth dough goods analysis then has been previously available, in a patented, portable and affordable system complete with software. MAP software’s Breadometer® Environment accepts your oven, variety and ingredients criteria to automatically calculate S-Curve results such as yeast kill and gelatinization as a percent of bake, reliably selecting the area of the dough which was the latest to arrive at baking temperature. From a single probe insertion you get much more information than just a time and temperature profile to improve yields and profits from this easy and accurate method.

Breadometer in Proofer application  M.O.L.E. MAP BakeWATCH S-Curve


Breadometer® with the SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 from the BakeWATCH® kit

  • 1 air & 5 dough sensors in a U.S. Patented (No. 8,556,502) single probe design
  • 3 to 5 insertion thermocouples find the slowest to heat spot in the baked good
  • Air thermocouple detects oven entrance, transit temperatures and process end

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