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Achieving Food Safety Modernization Act Compliance Before Deadlines


“We’ve gone without oven profiling since this bakery was founded – why start now”

“What tools are needed to become capable of conducting FSMA Kill Step Validation?”

“We already achieve optimum Arrival, crumb set, texture and moisture content; how does Kill Step profiling differ?

With the 2nd of 3 FSMA deadlines approaching this Fall, for bakery organizations with fewer than 500 employees, the FSMA era is upon us in a big way. Modeled after HACCP [Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points] and GFSI [Global food Safety Initiative] , the implication for Bakers within the Food Safety Modernization Act layers on the requirement to scientifically prove an acceptable level of elimination of salmonella pathogens as a preventive control for finished baked goods destined for sale in the USA. The American Institute of Baking (AIB International) has done and continues to do the work of scientifically proving necessary time and temperature bake cycle exposure requirements for achieving a certain “Process Lethality D-Reduction” for given baked good varieties. The AIB then publishes these results as a new Kill Step Calculator on their website. All you need to do is run a series of M.O.L.E.® thermal profiles to obtain the data used to calculate acceptable lethality. Such records become your compliance proof for FDA auditors. BakeWATCH makes this job easier and more productive with the new Windows-based BakeWATCH® Kill Step Calculator.


September 17, 2016

Deadline for >500 employee Bakeries

September 2017

Deadline for <500 employee Bakeries

September 2018

Deadline for <$1M Sales/Yr. Bakeries

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act SuperM.O.L.E. Gold 2 Thermal Profiler


  • Step 1: Select a Kill Step D-Reductions Calculator: Use the original Excel-based AIB Kill Step Calculators, or Use the new Windows-based BakeWATCH Kill Step Calculator and read your 6 or 3-ch M.O.L.E.® directly with no export nor copy and paste required!

    • All-inclusive Functionality: No data exporting required, everything’s built-in
    • No Manipulation or Guessing: Automatically graphs and tracks each valid dough thermocouple’s profile data
    • Simplified Reporting Process: When counter reaches 30 valid profiles, the Process Lethality D-Reductions Report can be printed and saved as your record of FSMA Compliance
    • Web-enabled Updates: Auto Updating of New Varieties online when the AIB publishes a new Calculator
    • Aligns with existing Protocol & Technology: Confidentially process Kill Step work with 6-input SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 and 3-input V-M.O.L.E.® BakeWATCH thermal profilers
  • Step 2:Reference the AIB Procedure Document for a published variety, which illustrates and explains the 6 thermocouple profiling method. Then, using the BakeWATCH® Kill Step Calculator, simply select the variety from the drop list (which is synchronized with the AIB) and name the Kill file, saving it to a folder you make in you Documents folder..

  • Step 3: Conduct the first of five profiles with thermocouples inserted into 6-separate dough pieces, ensuring adequate cooling time between runs

    FSMA Kill Step Profiling Bread
  • Step 4: Repeat Step 3 five more times or until 30 valid channel profiles are collected

    Tip: If the product variety is not being run in production for a sufficient length of time to conduct 5 successive profile runs, no problem! Simply click ‘Save’ from the File menu and come back later and click the ‘Open’ command to bring up that “.Kill” file you’ve previously created.

  • Step 5: With an adequate quantity of valid channel profiles collected (usually 30), click on the Generate Report button to view, print and save the D-Reduction Salmonella Lethality report.

    Download Kill Step Calculator


  • Audit Protection – Before your Deadline

    • Peace of Mind
    • Expedient FDA visitations
    • No fines or product recalls
  • Realize balanced ovens free of cold spots for high yield profitability in the bargain

  • There is nothing more to buy if you already own a 6-channel SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 or 3-channel V-M.O.L.E.® BakeWATCH Kit

  • Products

    The same data recorder which the AIB chose to develop the Kill Step Protocol and continues to rely upon in their consultancy for their published Kill Step Calculators, the SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2. Portable and programmable BakeWATCH thermal profiling kits offer a traveling method to measure, record and document both baked goods and Oven temperature variations in your conveyorized tunnel and rotating rack ovens without trailing long cables or wires.

    BakeWATCH® Kill Step Profiling Kit

    BakeWATCH Thermal Profiling Kit
    • SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 thermal profiler
    • Choice of thermal barrier
    • 7-ft /2.1M 30 gage 30mil PFA insulated Thermocouples
    • M.O.L.E.® MAP Software

    Learn More

BakeWATCH Kill Step Calculator is now available to download

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