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Baking 101 for Bakers  – The Essentials

Learn about what's needed for time/temperature  profiling for both baked goods optimization and oven balancing.  Help your business stay ahead of the  functional ingredients and volatile commodities trends.

What you will learn:

  • What’s needed to make profiling efficient, easier and repeatable
  • What’s your goal; Oven Balancing or Baked Goods Profiling?
  • Thermocouple attachment methods – Strategies for air vs. insertion and what to use when
  • Innovative Sensor solutions for proofers and baking that lend consistency and save time
  • Making the profile run and producing the bake oven profile, including S-Curve data
  • Reporting & sharing results that promote product consistency company wide

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Baking A-Z Profiling Basics for Baking

Learn the basics of thermal profiling the bread baking process including:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Baking requirements
  • What’s needed to Profile
  • Setting up the Profiler
  • Attaching the T/Cs
  • Performing the Profile

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