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Seasons Change; Bake Quality Doesn′t Have To

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

No matter what their geographical location, all bakers must deal with the rise and fall of humidity and temperature encountered within their facility. These climatic changes can wreak havoc on bake times and machine performance.

Did you know that every degree of proofer variance requires 3 degrees of oven temperature adjustment to achieve the desired bake? BakeWATCH® tools can help ensure optimum proofer performance for consistent fermentation and oven spring in any season.

VaporWATCH® turns a M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler input into a relative humidity channel, while thermocouples measure air and internal dough temperatures.


MiniM.O.L.E.® rH is a stand-alone two-channel monitor/logger with a built-in humidity and temperature display for proofer, dough and mixing rooms monitoring.

And in the oven, Breadometer® helps manage yeast kill, gelatinization and arrival for predictably consistent baking performance.

Trust BakeWATCH® year-round for day-in and day-out baked goods quality!

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