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Guest feature on BAKERpedia - Baking Better Gluten-free Products

Posted on Jun 25, 2019

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If you’re like most baking professionals, the market move toward gluten-free hasn’t been lost on you. For both medical and general wellness reasons, many consumers are making the switch from wheat-based products to gluten-free. But, bakers beware: producing gluten-free baked goods is not a plug-and-play situation. In other words, you simply cannot substitute gluten-free ingredients for traditional ingredients and expect great results. In order to effectively capitalize on the gluten-free opportunity, modifications to bake times, product optimization and oven management are key.

ECD’s Baking Subject Matter Expert, Ray Pearce, was featured on Read more about his guest blog here:


Ray is often featured on BAKERpedia as a guest author and subject matter expert around optimizing baking products with thermal and temperature profiling. You can research all his posts on BAKERpedia here:

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