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Beat FSMA Deadlines with BakeWATCH® M.O.L.E.® and Kill Step Calculator

Posted on Jul 25, 2017

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Checked FSMA Compliance Deadlines lately? If not, it may shock you to know the next deadline is only 2 months away!

FSMA Compliance Deadlines
 Past Deadline!!  Bakeries with >500 Employees  September 2016
 2 Months!  <500 Employees & Sales > $1M/Yr.  September 2017
 14 Months   Sales < $1M/Yr.   September 2018 

Get the job done and audit-proof your bakery with AIB International’s Kill Step Protocol scientific validation method and BakeWATCH SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 or V-M.O.L.E.® plus the new BakeWATCH Kill Step Calculator for the data collection and report generation for all your baked good varieties.

Achieve FSMA Compliance on-time! with new BakeWATCH Kill Step Calculator Rev 1.3.0 and BakeWATCH M.O.L.E. Thermal Profiling

Learn more about Kill Step compliance

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