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  • 6 Sensors in one probe - dough insertion quick to learn and easy to use*
  • Removes operator as a measurement variable for actionable data
  • Manage S-Curve performance with patented Automatic % of Bake Time calculations of Yeast Kill, Gelatinization and Arrival to baking temperature for yeasted goods
  • Stop over or under baking to achieve optimum crumb set with high capacity, high yield product quality

* Sensor Option for SuperM.O.L.E. Gold 2 6-channel thermal profiler

* 3-channel model also available for V-M.O.L.E. thermal profiler use

With oven balancing accomplished, by definition the baking quality should be the same throughout the oven regardless of the location of a dough piece. Your next step is to optimize each variety’s profile from the baked goods’ perspective. Knowing what is happening as the product variety bakes from the outside in is the only way to exert control over the baking process scientifically.

The patented BakeWATCH® Breadometer®, as an optional sensor to the 6-channel SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 thermal profiler, taps into the power of automatic S-Curve analysis of yeasted goods to ensure optimal Crumb Set, texture and moisture content for a long shelf life. Five consistent dough depths are measured while an ambient sensor tells the software where oven entrance and exit occur for accurate calculation of percentage of bake times occur for Yeast Kill, Starch Gelatinization and Arrival at baking temperature. A 3-channel Breadometer is also available for use with a V-M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler, and measures 2 dough depths consistently.

From a balanced oven, consistency of placement of the 5 imbedded dough channels is repeatable through insertion of the probe all the way up to the Stop Plate, which also rises with oven spring to recognize real-world baking conditions.

Breadometer in Proofer application

S-Curve Targets for Optimum Bake Quality (a variety example)

Internal Dough Temperature Goal % of Bake Time
Yeast Kill 60°C/140°F 50 - 55%
Gelatinization 77°/170°F 60 - 65%
Arrival 93°C/200°F 85 - 88%

Dough profiling with the Breadometer is easy, which makes this quality control measurement more apt to be performed on a regular basis to help achieve and maintain high-yield profitability for the bakery, while simplifying training. Two profile passes is enough to train the new user, as compared to using individual thermocouples, which require the techniques of measuring a dough’s half-way depth, then bending, inserting and pinching dough exit points around each thermocouple wire.

For a tunnel oven baking, simply hold a pan-strap or tray from the proofer, vacate a space for the M.O.L.E. and thermal barrier and insert the Breadometer into a nearby dough piece, tucking any excess cable length underneath the thermal barrier as shown above. For rack ovens, simply instrument a chosen dough piece with the M.O.L.E. and thermal barrier in the vicinity, prior to going into the oven.

Breadometer patent

Working in tandem with this versatile 6-in-1 probe, the Breadometer Environment in the M.O.L.E.®MAP software automatically calculates Yeast Kill, Starch Gelatinization and Arrival to baking temperature as percentages of bake time for yeasted varieties. Easily derive optimal bake times and oven settings while speeding clean-label reformulation bake cycles and achieve copy exact production across all lines and plant locations with the Breadometer® from BakeWATCH.


Breadometer provides more in-depth dough goods analysis then has been previously available, in a patented, portable and affordable system complete with software. MAP software’s Breadometer® Environment accepts your oven, variety and ingredients criteria to automatically calculate S-Curve results such as yeast kill and gelatinization as a percent of bake, reliably selecting the area of the dough which was the latest to arrive at baking temperature. From a single probe insertion you get much more information than just a time and temperature profile to improve yields and profits from this easy and accurate method.

M.O.L.E. MAP BakeWATCH S-Curve


Breadometer® with the SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 from the BakeWATCH® kit


  • 1 air & 5 dough sensors in a U.S. Patented (No. 8,556,502) single probe design
  • 3 to 5 insertion thermocouples find the slowest to heat spot in the baked good
  • Air thermocouple detects oven entrance, transit temperatures and process end

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