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The FSMA Compliance Clock is running out!

Posted on Sep 13, 2018

Especially if your HACCP includes the post-bake Kill Step D-Reduction reporting and record keeping requirement for human and pet foods.

Don’t stress; we can help. Simplify record keeping and compliance documentation with the automated BakeWATCH™ Kill Step Calculator, which integrates seamlessly with the 3-, 6- and 20-input channel M.O.L.E.® thermal profilers. So, not only do you accomplish high-yield profitability, but regulation compliance, too. A win-win to be sure.

Want to learn more? Come see BakeWATCH at the iba Munich show, and we’ll show you just how easy the Kill Step Calculator is to use. Along with the features you have come to expect, such as direct M.O.L.E. downloads, automated data collection, individual dough channels validation and report generation, the new tool now includes:

  1. Sample Kill file
    • Observe a full 30-channel profile collection and generate a sample report.
  2. New Home Button
    • Easier navigation improves workflow.
  3. New User Variety manager
    • Add custom product variety calculators for food manufacturing specialties and name D-Reduction Reports with your variety brand.

So, mark your calendars for stress-free compliance. Download the new version when it goes live on September 14th and stop by our booth on the 15th where we’ll have some amazing show specials waiting for you.

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