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Tech Tip: S-Curve Your way to a Better Loaf

Posted on Aug 02, 2018

The patented BakeWATCH® Breadometer® taps into the power of automatic S-Curve analysis to ensure optimal dough qualities, product consistency and shelf-life. From a balanced oven, consistency of placement of the five depth dough channels is repeatable by any user, inserting the probe up to the Stop Plate. The Breadometer also rises with oven spring, to recognize real-world baking conditions.

Besides automatically calculating Yeast Kill, Starch Gelatinization and Arrival to baking temperature as percentages of bake time, the dough channels also reveal facts about top and bottom oven heating among conductive, convective and radiant sources. To learn more please visit this Tech Tip link:

Download Breadometer Tech Tip

Baking the perfect loaf is easy when you have the right tools. Want to learn more about BakeWATCH and Breadometer® capabilities? Give us a call today!

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