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Simplifying FSMA Kill Step Calculations

Posted on Sep 08, 2016

While many bakers have embraced the new Kill Step validation requirements as part of FSMA compliance, others are finding some of the data transfer from the profiler to the AIB calculator a bit cumbersome. So, BakeWATCH® is making it easier for you.

Visit our team from October 8 – 11 at IBIE in Booth #8645 and learn about some significant improvements to the BakeWATCH system, such as:

  • Drop-Down Varieties Chooser Menu – A single calculator for all varieties, scalable for new varieties from the AIB as they are added
  • F/C Units Chooser – One tab, one column of data
  • Profiler Sample Interval – Simply enter the seconds value of the sample rate in use during the FSMA compliance data collection
  • Red/Green (Fail/Pass) D-Reductions Lethality Value Display – No guessing as to the result

And, that's not all… we will also debut our new OvenBALANCER™ technology. Engineered as a simple way to balance ovens, this BakeWATCH innovation addresses convection and oven zones temperature consistency in tunnel and rotating rack ovens.

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