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Five Months and Counting

Posted on Apr 18, 2018

Whether your bakery is large or small, US-based or an exporter of foods to the USA, becoming familiar with FDA-mandated FSMA compliance regulation is mandatory and a top priority for your business.

And, it’s easier than you think as long as you have the right tools. BakeWATCH can help by obtaining the post-bake critical control point hazards analysis proof. With AIB-approved 6 or 3-channel M.O.L.E.® thermal profilers and BakeWATCH Kill Step Calculator software, Salmonella D-Reduction audit proofing has never been easier.

Do away with frustrating data exports and losing your place between profile runs – BakeWATCH has automated collection, validation and reporting that satisfies AIB International kill step protocol and the FDA, producing records that prove comprehensive bakery preventative food safety analysis.

Outside of FSMA compliance, the wise baker continues periodic profiling of proofers, ovens and freezers to reduce scrap, improve quality and attain greater oven capacity – further enhancing ROI with high-yield profitability. Best of all? Prices start at under $5,000!

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