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Find Some Balance

Posted on Oct 04, 2016

The new, simple way to balance tunnel and rotating rack ovens, OvenBALANCER™ from BakeWATCH® makes its debut at IBIE Booth #8645.

Seamlessly integrated with the SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 oven profiler, BakeWATCH’s OvenBALANCER technology helps measure and ensure convection oven zone temperature consistency in both tunnel and rotating rack ovens. This provides the data necessary to maintain proper zone temperatures, as well as the needed optimization of baffles, dampers and coloradors.

High-yield bakery consistency for ovens as wide as 14 feet is the new normal with OvenBALANCER:

  • Measure the full breadth of each of your ovens with one product, regardless of oven widths or heights
  • Remarkably simple to use – No thermocouples to place and strain- relieve; 3 panels magnetically attach and stay where placed
  • Enables peak production yields – Provides the data analysis to optimally adjust Baffles, Dampers and Coloradors
  • Energy Savings – Optimize convection instead of raising zone temperatures

Visit the BakeWATCH team at IBIE, Booth #8645 and learn more about OvenBALANCER and our full suite of baking technologies.

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