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ECD BakeWATCH Helps Dave’s Killer Bread Ensure Product Consistency as Company Expands Nationally

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 – Leveraging the power of ECD’s award-winning M.O.L.E.®, newly-patented Breadometer® and MiniM.O.L.E.®rh BakeWATCH® suite of profiling tools, Dave’s Killer Bread is consistently producing artisan-style 100% organic breads in high volume. Finding the balance between high production rates and unfailing home-baked quality is challenging, but Dave’s has transitioned successfully and anticipates even more expansion of its product line nationally.

Founded in 1955, Milwaukie, Oregon-based Dave’s has built its reputation on providing its loyal customer base with whole grain, 100% organic breads with a “killer” taste and texture. Dave’s has moved from a small wholesale operation to a large commercial baking company and now must tap into proven technologies to ensure ongoing taste and texture consistency as the company continues to grow. To deliver on these goals, Dave’s has partnered with ECD and is utilizing the company’s proven thermal measurement technologies to optimize its – and its affiliates’ – baking processes.

“Both ECD’s M.O.L.E. and Breadometer have been integral tools for ensuring accurate oven temperatures and streamlining our process,” explains Lin Carson, Director of Technical Services for Dave’s Killer Bread. “The M.O.L.E. profiles the ovens using thermocouples and, when paired with Breadometer, gives us detailed information about what is going on inside the bread so that we can optimize bake times for our bread varieties. As we expand nationwide, we can now be assured of the same artisanal product quality from both rack and tunnel ovens.”

ECD’s BakeWATCH suite of M.O.L.E. oven and proofer profiling systems deliver in-depth data about oven temperature settings and performance so that zones can be optimized to deliver on specific baking requirements such as yeast kill, oven spring and total set point. The Breadometer finds the coldest area of the baked good through the use of a single probe insertion, locates five thermocouples into the dough, while the sixth channel remains outside to detect oven entrance and exit. This simple, fast process ensures production quality initiatives will be realized more quickly and successfully through access to reliable bake cycle data from M.O.L.E.®MAP software. The proofing (fermentation) process is equally important, and Dave’s is successfully using ECD’s MiniM.O.L.E. rH to ensure proper proofer operation and setup, which increases the overall efficiency of the bake cycle.

For Dave’s Killer Bread, ECD’s M.O.L.E., Breadometer and MiniM.O.L.E. rH are critical components for production of fresh, consistent, superb texture breads at its own baking facility and at its multiple affiliate bakeries. “We have an unmatched reputation for killer breads,” says Carson in conclusion. “Customers across the United States are excited about our growth and their expanded access to our products. It’s our job to make sure every Dave’s Killer Bread customer has a great experience and we are happy that ECD is part of our killer success.”

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About Dave’s Killer Bread

Based in Milwaukie, Oregon, Dave’s Killer Bread bakes bold breads that are power packed with organic nutrition. Using super ingredients like flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, Dave’s Killer Breads are rich in protein, Omega 3s, fiber and whole grains. Offering a portfolio of breads that are known for their “killer” taste and texture, Dave’s Killer Bread has risen to become the number one selling organic bread company in the U.S. A company that believes in second chances, today about 30 percent of employees have served time in prison. The company is committed “to make the world a better place, one loaf of bread at a time.” In 2011, Dave’s Killer Bread was ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the “Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.”; received both the “Ethics in Business Award” by the Portland Rotary Club, Portland Business Journal, and Willamette University. To learn more about Dave’s Killer Bread and the story of their inspirational heritage, please visit

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