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Balance Ovens. Save Time. Increase Profits.

Posted on Oct 25, 2018

You know what topic garnered the most interest at the BakeWATCH booth during at last month’s iba event? If you guessed food safety and kill step protocols, you’d be close. Overwhelmingly, though, oven balancing was the center of conversation.

See the OvenBalancer in Action

And, the simplicity, compactness and sophistication of BakeWATCH’s OvenBALANCER™ were met with amazement. In combination with a six-input SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 thermal profiler, OvenBALANCER is a recipe for a high-yield, worry-free, profit-optimizing operation.

  • Maintain baked goods quality even when integrating new ovens
  • Realize capacity and quality output consistency across multiple ovens
  • Verify oven performance during R&D and prior to shipment
  • Adjust burners and baffles/coloradors in the field and when evaluating a new unit
  • Put functional ingredient performance in the best light – and sell more product -- with well-tuned customer ovens

Lose the heft of bulky sensor bars and inconvenience of placing individual thermocouples. Measure burner temperatures and convective heat flow laterally or vertically with easy attachment and set-up. OvenBALANCER makes life simple and output exceptional. Find your balance. Call us today.

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